DashBoard 6.1 Released, and 6.2 Beta available for download

April 15, 2014 in DashBoard, openGear Terminal Equipment by John Naylor

What an NAB!

It was great to meet a bunch of active custom panel developers including Dave King and Taylor Hoggard who kindly let us feature their work in some of our graphics. We took DashBoard-U to the show and provided a sort of “petting zoo” where people could, and did, get hands-on with DashBoard to control a fair number of devices provided for the purpose. These included plenty of Ross products, of course, including Carbonite,CamBot, XPression, MDK, MC1, NK Routers, Blackstorm Video Server, and some DA’s and Demuxers. We also had a Yamaha 01V96 audio deck and a Black Magic Hyperdeck under control via DashBoard’s ability to send & receive messages over Ethernet.

Our main focus was showing the newly released 6.1. The main theme of 6.1 was to put PanelBuilder on steroids so that it’s now a much better developer experience.

We’ve also provided the option to store parameters locally in the .grid file, so it’s no longer necessary to keep a partner xml file for your custom panel’s state variables. This simple change makes grid files a lot more portable and easier to manage in practice.

But how do I connect my panel’s state to XPression? I hear you ask. Use 6.1′s ability to stream the state over IP instead of via file share is the answer. This is a lot more responsive, and, importantly, means that it’s no longer necessary to arrange file or drive sharing between XPression and DashBoard. Easier, faster, better!

Here’s a list of the features in 6.1 – download it today and explore the improvements:

  • PBUS Protocol
  • Self-contained parameter data
  • Scaling lock/unlock
  • New ogScript commands
  • Script palette
  • String-based parameter names
  • Timer creation interface
  • Timer improvements
  • Change/task script added to parameters
  • Drag-drop scripting UI
  • UI support for NK routers
  • Simple grid, easier tables
  • Edit mode short-cuts
  • UI support for Array variables
  • Improved constraint editor
  • Line segment widget
  • Source editor improvements
  • Embedded editors in custom panels
  • RossTalk extended to support parameter values
See the release notes and manual for more detailed info on these.
We also demo’d the first beta release of 6.2, which is also now available for download. The major theme of this release is to liberate users from their desktops and laptops. It features something we’re calling ‘DashBoard Web Server” which is a service that converts openGear device editors and custom panels to web pages that can be accessed from, say, an iPad or other tablet device. This means you can walk around your facility, studio, sanctuary or concert hall and control your devices provided you’re in WiFi range!
It’s limited at the moment, but getting better all the time. Please try it and give feedback to dashboardbeta@rossvideo.com.

Come See Us At NAB 2014

April 4, 2014 in XPression CG & Graphics System by Brian Olson

XPression is better than ever at NAB 2014 in Las Vegas!  The platform continues to develop with new features and functionality, as well a whole host of new workflow tools and partner applications.

Visual Logic, a new node-based visual programming editor, allows designers and operators to create complex scene interactivity without any coding or scripting.  Just connect object parameters and function blocks with arrows, and you enable a whole new world of graphics automation.

Two new branding products are being introduced at NAB – XPression Brand-it and XPression Tick-it. ¬†Brand-it is an enterprise branding workflow server with deep connections into program automation and traffic systems, providing “maximum look ahead” for branding events. ¬†Whether it’s Coming Up Next’s, snipes, or program lineups, Brand-it can streamline workflow and save money, while ensuring quality and consistency of branding. ¬†Tick-it is a complete collaborative ticker workflow that’s perfect for local TV or network applications. ¬†News headlines, weather, sports, traffic, school closings, and more are all part of the basic package. ¬†Both products utilize XPression BlueBox rendering engines and XPression Project Server for automated delivery of ticker, L-bar, or info channel content.

Two new additions to the XPression GO! line are launching at NAB – XPression Studio GO! and XPression BlueBox GO! These versions join XPression Prime GO! for Thunderbolt laptop and AJA Io XT delivery of uncompressed HDSI video/key and audio to production switchers in mobile/OB environments, or place where space is at a premium.

XPression partner, Coiron, will be showcasing two new applications that provide XPression users with Telestration and Touchscreen capabilities.  Live sports and in-studio productions will both benefit from these two innovative products that use XPression channels or layers for rendering and display.

XPression will also provide virtual set and augmented reality rendering for the Ross “Studio of the Future” presentation that will be delivered every half hour. ¬†Be sure to stop by the Ross Booth (N3806) to see the latest and greatest from all of the Ross product lines.

by Les

Carbonite Version 8.0.2

March 20, 2014 in Carbonite Switchers by Les

Hi All,

There is a Bug fix release that is up on the site now.  Please upgrade to this if you are on version 8.0.0 or 8.0.1.  This fixes a bug that some people have encountered of a couple frames of flashing.  Kind of like a dissolve to PST and then back in a few frames.

So if your running a version of 8 make sure to download and upgrade as soon as you can fit it into your schedule.



LinkedIn group for DashBoard Custom Panels

February 18, 2014 in DashBoard by John Naylor

I’ve created a LinkedIn group for people to share tips, ideas, and discussions of CustomPanels built using DashBoard.

It’s open to all.

Please take a look and consider joining.


Carbonite MiniME’s & MultiScreen Operating Modes.

February 7, 2014 in Carbonite Switchers by Nigel Spratling

Hi everyone, as Les posted earlier we have now released version 8.0 software for Carbonite that you can download and install on your existing Carbonite. This is a truly awesome update, I have been showing the prototype for it for a few months now and the additional production power MiniMEs bring is truly fantastic! Also you can now say goodbye to those external screen processors now that Carbonite has MultiScreen mode with edge-blending and bezel compensation.

Those of you already operating Carbonite know what a very cool and powerful product this is – the addition of MiniMEs & MultiScreen make Carbonite the most powerful mid-size switcher ever with 2 Full MEs and 4 MiniMEs, giving you a total of 16 keyers!!!

However, you should note that this huge addition requires a lot of internal resource and so you will need to choose your operating mode if using a Standard Carbonite or a Carbonite eXtreme. The Carbonite+ and Carbonite MultiMedia have additional internal resources and no choice is necessary…

Standard Carbonite and Carbonite eXtreme Operating Modes

Carbonite and Carbonite eXtreme have 6 floating frame synchronizers / format converters (FSFC) and 4 DVE’s in the default operating mode, if more DVE’s are required there is an alternate boot mode that provides 8 DVE’s with no FSFC’s.

Version 8.0 Carbonite software and later include the powerful MiniME / MultiScreen features which require 8 DVE’s. Therefore when selecting MiniME / MultiScreen mode the FSFC features are disabled and are no longer available.

This limitation does not apply to either the Carbonite+ or Carbonite MultiMedia frame variants.

BTW, Carbonite’s MiniME’s are in use right now at the Sochi Winter Olympics – how cool is that :) .

by Les

Version 8.0 is Released

February 1, 2014 in Carbonite Switchers by Les

Carbonite Version 8.0 is now released and available for download from the website at the following location:


New for version 8.0!

4 MiniMEs, each with two keyers. (learn all about MiniMEs here http://www.rossvideo.com/production-switchers/carbonite/minime.html)

Multiscreen with Edge blending.

Multiscreen uses the MiniMEs to allow spanning of displays and projectors to create a large canvas with easy to use Production Switcher controls.  See more about it in the MiniME video in the link above.

Carbonite Extreme now supports using the second matrix slot for another carbonite extreme switcher, or an NK-144 matrix card for router redundancy.

This is a Second Fully Independent Production Switcher. ¬†This is not Multi Panel but rather a complete second production switcher with all of it’s own Carbonite Feature set.
Shaped Keying has been changed to additive keying and is more flexible.

Enable Additive Keying without having to assign an Alpha and set the value to Shaped.  Also select form Normal (non Additive) Additive or even Full key modes.  Full will allow you to make a key split to White temporarily ensuring a fully opaque keyer.
‚ÄúWhite‚ÄĚ is available as an alpha setting to make opaque keys.

Want to make sure that your cameras or other non keyable sources will always key full if taken via a keyer in Auto Select mode? ¬†Then just set the alpha assignment to White now! ¬†Would you rather they always key clean and transparent — set it to black!

Carbonite can now send out PBus commands.

All new device interface protocol.  Requested by the users and delivered by the developers :)  Now you can incorporate PBus commands into your custom controls.  Also you can even setup Roll Clip ability with sources that are using PBus to get the same abilities as servers using AMP or XPression using RossTalk.
Media Manager is now available in Dashboard

Further consolidating the Carbonite UI.  DashBoard now has MediaManager as a Menu Tab.
Custom Controls are now available in Dashboard

Custom Controls Menus are now available in DashBoard — Edit and Record the Macros (this does require active connection to the Frame) as well as run them from the Shot Box Menu. ¬†Get access to all 8 Banks of 32 Custom Controls — No matter what panel you have. ¬†This now includes the C10 as well since this is the full menu and shot box. ¬†Rename the Custom Controls as well.
Panel brightness can be adjusted while maintaining the current scheme.

Select your favourite Multi Colour Scheme and now you can adjust the overall brightness without having to alter back to a single colour mode.

Carbonite Extreme router labels can now be shown in the multiviewer

Have an Extreme — now all of your Router Mnemonics will also pass to the MultiViewer and not just the mnemonics.

Hope you enjoy all of the new and free updates!! ¬†Note Carbonite and Carbonite eXtreme users — enabling MiniMEs will result in the disabling of the 6 Frame Sync and Format converters just like the 8 DVE load that was in version 7.3. ¬†Plus and MultiMedia Users have these on the Input Card so there is not choice for an operation mode as they will always have 24 FSFC and 8 DVE along with the 4 MiniMEs.


by Les

Switcher U is now up

January 28, 2014 in Carbonite Switchers, Vision Switchers by Les

We have added to the U’s on the Ross Video Website!

Vision and Carbonite now have there own U pages.  You will find the videos that were previously linked to here.  We will be adding more as we go so feel free to send us requests of Videos and Tutorials that you would like to see added to these.

Carbonite can be found here


Vision can be found here


Les O’Reilly

Our Commitment to Supporting our Customers

January 23, 2014 in General Ross Related Talk by David Ross

I was once asked by the head of procurement of a major US Network: “Now that Ross has grown to become a major supplier of equipment worldwide, when can we expect your service to stop being free and for the quality of your support to decline?”. Wow.

I’m rather proud to say that Ross Video, now 500 employees, nearing 10 acquisitions, and continuing to grow – still has free top notch quality 24/7/365 support FOR LIFE.

Another network once praised us for our fast response to a problem saying something like, “I’m glad that you realize that we’re an important account and set up special processes to support us”. I had to clarify the situation that we don’t actually have ANY special processes for ANY customer – that’s just the way we treat everyone from the largest network to the smallest customer.

Many other companies spend HUGE dollars on Marketing. We prefer to spend a big chunk of those dollars on supporting our customers, and removing the concept of “customer service as a profit center” from our vocabulary. I think long term it has better results for getting the word out about the products Ross makes and the support that we offer.

CEO at Ross Video

Welcome To XPression University!

December 11, 2013 in XPression CG & Graphics System by Brian Olson

XPression U, our online XPression tutorial section of the website, is now live!  Just click on the link below or find XPression U in the Sub Navigation area on the right side of the XPression home page.


Follow along with Andrew Sampson as he guides you through the basics of XPression operation in the first series of videos.  We will be adding to these videos over time for more advanced techniques and also for new features/functionality as they are released.

It’s a great way to brush up on your skills, if you are an existing user, or a way to explore XPression for the first time, if you are a new customer. ¬†We welcome your feedback and ideas for new videos. ¬†Just drop us an email at xpression@rossvideo.com.

We hope that you will find these videos useful and an enhancement to your XPression user experience.

New Resources Available at DashBoard U

November 26, 2013 in DashBoard by John Naylor

We’ve recently added a few videos and sample scripts to the resources available at DashBoard U on our public website.


* PanelBuilder 105 movie: introduction to scripting with PanelBuilder

* PanelBuilder 204 script sample: for sending and receiving messages over Ethernet using UDP, TCP and HTTP

* PanelBuilder 301 movie: how to integrate DashBoard 6.0 with XPression

* PanelBuilder 302 movie: how to integrate DashBoard Beta 6.1, featuring self-contained parameters, with Xpression

Check them out and send feedback!